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San Jose City College Career Education Center and SJCC Career Complex are the largest projects at SJCC and in the very early stages design. San Jose City College is striving to make this building its first ZNE project. The project consist of renovating existing CTE labs and constructing a new 90,000 SF building currently called “the Cloud”.


NORCO Veterans Resource Center


Citrus College RCx Phase one implemented energy-saving measures at the Central Plant totaling over 500,000 kWh per year. ESM’s included optimizing equipment and sequence of operations as well as mitigating failed electronic controls and enhanced scheduling protocols.

Norco College completed a campus wide lighting retrofit of the old high consumption light fixture with new energy efficient LED lighting and the replacement of 4 HVAC units.

Cost-Saving Energy Efficiency in Colleges

Budget-tightening happens all the time at businesses, municipalities, and educational institutions. As part of their cost-cutting measures, many entities look for ways to lower heating and cooling costs. We focus on promoting energy efficiency in colleges throughout the state of California. CCC/IOU partners with colleges and state investor-owned utilities to lower energy usage and costs. Contact us for details about membership and its benefits.

Our Purpose

What we do is communicate, train, and educate entities about energy efficiency. Colleges especially have lighting and other operations that require a good deal of power, and many institutions of higher learning want to lower energy usage. For these customers, we offer cash incentives for solar power and net-zero energy programs in which participants produce as much renewable energy as they use in a year.

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